Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence’s friendship started with a “f*ck off” text from Jen and then a year-long text conversation, thanks to Woody Harrelson giving Stone Lawrence’s cell number. They eventually met face-to-face, but on that day, the meeting almost didn’t happen because Stone and Lawrence were afraid they were being catfished by the other.

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The spectacular story, as they recounted it to W magazine during their joint interview video:

Jennifer Lawrence: We both had the same stalker, and his name was John the Orchestra Guy.

Emma Stone: John the Orchestra Guy, who would text us both…

Lawrence: He would like “accidentally” text us. So Emma and I—wait, I have told this story.

Stone: Yeah.

Lawrence: But where? Maybe it was just a friend. We might not have told it publicly.

Stone: You told it publicly because people started coming up to me, like, “Wait a second.” He wasn’t really a stalker. He’s just this guy that has a lot of people’s phone numbers and he must have worked at a studio.

Lawrence: He must be like an agent’s assistant or something.

Stone: And he texts and he says, “Hey, hey, Alex,” or he makes up a name, “I’m running late on my way to the soundstage. Can you warm up the orchestra for me?”

Lawrence: “Make sure the orchestra’s warmed up for me.” It was always about warming up the orchestra.

Stone: “Can you text me back and let me know you got this? —John” And we were like—

Lawrence: So we [Emma and I] had been texting, blah blah blah, we texted like every day for a year. But we had never talked on the phone, and we had never met. So then we were finally going to meet. And she sends me her address, I drive over, and on the way over, I’m like “Oh my God, what if this is John the Orchestra Guy?”

Stone: We had never spoken on the phone, we just trusted it was each other.

Lawrence: And she thought when I was on my way over—she was like, “Oh my God, what if it’s John the Orchestra Guy?”

Stone: Yeah.

Lawrence: So then I called you and you were like, “Hello?” And I was like, “Hello?” Anyway, that was the first thing we had in common.

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